Company Description:

Personify is the leading enterprise software and service solution that empowers the best mission-driven and member-focused organizations to succeed. Personify’s product lines, Personify360 and Small World Labs, and their related services enable member-based and mission-driven organizations to better understand, track and manage their members and constituents. As an organization’s technology and community foundation, Personify captures and provides insight across all interactions, allowing our clients to maximize engagement and drive revenue.

Personify360 is an industry leading Association Management System, which is supported by the association industry’s largest community of integrated third-party application and solution providers. As the technology foundation for our clients, Personify360 acts as a centralized platform that allows them the confidence to know their needs will be met both today and in the future. Being market leaders, we bring best of- breed best practices and proven methodologies to Personify360 clients. We are committed to being their trusted partner which helps them make smart decisions about their technology in order to maximize their return on investment and minimize their total cost of ownership.

Our Small World Labs product line provides an online community and social collaboration platform to member-based and mission-focused organizations. Small World Labs enables organizations to better connect, engage, collaborate with and mobilize their supporters in new ways, helping them maximize engagement and depth of connectivity. As the community foundation for our clients, Small World Labs and related services help clients deliver value to their community members across any device and at any time. By maximizing community member engagement, we support and magnify multiple revenue streams tailored to our clients’ community base.

Most importantly, the key to effectively serving our clients is our commitment to their success through proven methodologies based on best-of-breed industry and peer-based best practices combined with world-class service that is committed to both short and long term client success. Personify Client Services now offers clients Accelerated Implementation options (allowing them to be up and running in as little as 120 days) as well as Premium Maintenance which minimizes upgrade costs (and their associated unpredictability) and ensures clients are getting the most of their technology – today and in the future.

Personify employs over 200 employees who are passionately committed to ensuring our clients’ success at our office in Austin, TX; Vienna, VA; and Oak Brook, IL.


 •  October 13, 2017

October 13, 2017- Personify, the leading solution provider empowering the best constituent-focused organizations, will be exhibiting as a Silver Sponsor at Blackbaud’s bbcon conference October 17-19 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Personify will highlight its successful online community platform, Small World Community, at...


 •  July 28, 2017

In this video blog, Benjamin Morton, Community Consultant at Personify, shares a few tips on how to more effectively use social media to promote an organization’s cause and online community; 1-Be Authentic. The ever increasing amount of “marketing” on social media has created a very savvy...


 •  June 29, 2017

Understanding Your AMS, CRM and CommunityMost organizations understand the importance of an AMS, CRM or online community as a standalone tool, but do they understand the true benefits of integrating these platforms? Before we dive in, let’s chat about some of these acronyms in case you’re unfamiliar. An AMS (Association Management Solution) or CRM...


 •  May 31, 2017

Personify is excited to welcome a longtime Personify Solution Partner, WBT Systems, as a guest on our blog today! Want to learn more? Check them out at With all the information available at our fingertips through the internet, connecting us globally with people who share our interests, society is progressively interacting more...


 •  May 25, 2017

[September 22, 2016] – Personify Corp and IntelliData LLC announced a new strategic partnership to provide enhanced business intelligence and analytics solutions to member-focused organizations. Personify Corp delivers enterprise software and service solutions to leading mission-driven and member-focused organizations that enable them to drive...


 •  April 18, 2017

By: Karen Browning, Personify Community Consultant &
Ashley Blom, Personify Community Consultant & Local Food Blogger Communities can be a huge benefit to your organization. The ability to engage your constituents 24/7 can lead to more brand advocates, higher rates of volunteerism, more donations or product sales. But once your community is built,...


 •  February 23, 2017

We are proud to welcome Cathexis Partners as our guest on the Personify blog this week! You likely understand the importance of sending regular communications to your constituents and donors to keep them engaged. You may also know that to connect more deeply with constituents and donors, you should target various audience groups with tailored...


 •  February 8, 2017

FireFly Partners, a Small World Community Service Partner, is a guest on Personify’s blog this week to dive into the art of using Google Analytics! If you’re looking for powerful insight into your supporters, Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools a nonprofit can use to monitor digital analytics and online marketing efforts, and even...


 •  February 2, 2017

We are pleased to welcome Expo Logic, a longtime Personify Solution Partner, as a guest blogger this week! Choosing the right event technology solutions can be a challenge. With the right event technology, you can create a dynamic event experience that fosters connections and feedback. However, if you choose the wrong event technology it can...


 •  January 26, 2017

AUSTIN, TX | January 25, 2017- Small World Community by Personify has been identified by Build Consulting as the leading online community platform for nonprofits and has been featured in Build’s series: “Driving Nonprofit Impact with Online Communities”. Personify joins Build Consulting’s short list of leading nonprofit solution provider profiles,...