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Company Description:

Digitec Interactive is best known for the popular learning management system (LMS), Knowledge Direct®.  Knowledge Direct is a unified platform for learning management that associations use for live, blended, and on-demand education.  Knowledge Direct integrates with the most popular  association management systems including iMIS, Personify, netForum, Association Anywhere, Yourmembership, and NOAH. Associations that provide continuing education use Knowledge Direct because it meets accrediting agency standards for delivering CE online.

Top benefits include:

·         Accessibility and tracking standards through WCAG 2.0 compliance, SCORM, and Tin Can API

·         Mobile-first user interface for fully mobile responsive user experience across devices

·         Flexible Feature Configuration and Customization

·         Social Learning Community including live chat, learning event streaming, and learner performance reports

·         Advanced Technology Made Easy including intuitive and powerful course creation, live push notifications, competency engine, and easy to use Asset Management Library

Digitec Interactive also provides custom learning experiences, including eLearning, gamification, and simulation. Take the first step to deliver transformative learning experiences. Contact Digitec Interactive today to schedule a demo. http://www.kdplatform.com or give us a call 1.800.942.4537

Knowledge Direct is a learning management platform that combines advanced technology with ease-of use, helping associations to develop rich, customized and social learning experiences that are accessible to anybody, anywhere.

The quick-to-deploy Knowledge Direct goes beyond the typical LMS, enabling users to create, maintain, administer and market superior online education.

Increase Memberships and Revenue

Membership education provides non-dues revenue and a valuable member benefit. Digitec Interactive specializes in association learning, partnering with education departments to create learning experiences that engage users, attract new members and increase revenue.

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“The Knowledge Direct LMS product was a perfect fit for us at Emergency Nurses Association. It required no modification to the process except for connectivity with our AMS. Knowledge Direct staff were great to work with, making our overall interaction with staff and the product excellent. Highly recommend.”

Tom Daily-Emergency Nurses Association 

Digitec Interactive

 •  September 14

Apparently, Learning and Development (L&D) doesn’t require air to survive. I say this because it’s frequently handled in a vacuum, away from everything it’s supposed to be connected to. It’s often brought in at the last minute as well. And yet there are still L&D departments and vendors. Pushing courses out is one thing, having an effective...

Digitec Interactive

 •  September 7

Now that I have your attention, I need to tell you something. Something the LMS industry doesn’t want you to know. The only features you must have are the ones that solve your specific problems and actually meet your needs. That’s right, it’s actually all about who can provide solutions, not just features. It’s about who understands your needs,...

Digitec Interactive

 •  August 31

Once upon a time not so very long ago, an organization rolled out their latest style guide. It had their color palette, the guidelines for using their logo, the standards for images, and more. In short, all the usual elements of a style guide. Then the organization started hiring contractors to update their existing eLearning courses, so they’d...

Digitec Interactive

 •  August 17

As the LMS industry evolves to meet the needs of newer generations of learners, organizations are having to answer the age-old question “What’s in it for me (WIIFM)?” Learners need more motivation than simply taking courses because they are told to, they need a reason. They want to know WIIFM? Enter customization in the form of learning paths or...

Digitec Interactive

 •  August 10

You already know that off-the-shelf content can save your organization time and money. These courses are built for a wide audience and are applicable in almost any setting. Almost. Occasionally, you’ll choose a course on safety and you’ll end up with something that doesn’t seem to apply to your learners. Or, perhaps a video learning course while...

Digitec Interactive

 •  July 27

It’s a pain when something breaks right when you need it. If you’re lucky, whatever it is will start working again when you try to show the problem to someone else. (You know, just so it can spite you and make it you look like you’re crazy). eLearning is no exception. But it’s a bit more complicated than a broken vacuum cleaner. If the vacuum is...

Digitec Interactive

 •  July 13

In 2015, less than half (49%) of all learning was instructor-led in a classroom without a virtual learning component, marking a steady decline over the course of seven years according to the Association of Talent Development. The conversion of classroom training to virtual training is a growing trend that cannot be ignored. But how do we...

Digitec Interactive

 •  July 6

eLearning has always been on the forefront of innovation. The industry is constantly evolving and changing to meet the challenges of new learners and upcoming generations. The terms used last year have given way to new terms, new abbreviations, and a whole lot of confusion as industry leaders opt to use this jargon without explaining what any of...

Digitec Interactive

 •  June 15

In a prior post, we asked, “what comes first, the LMS or the content?Today we ask, “which is better, off the shelf vs custom content?”” Determining the best option for your organization is not an easy task. Certainly, there are pros and cons to both choices. Questions of budget and staff weigh into this decision heavily. Although having content...

Digitec Interactive

 •  June 1

Even though eLearning is not a new concept, those who favor ILT are not convinced that online training is effective at producing the desired outcomes. For others who see the convenience and cost effectiveness of online learning, there may still be some hesitance among the organization’s leadership. So, here are several reasons why eLearning really...