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Company Description:

Digitec Interactive is best known for the popular learning management system (LMS), Knowledge Direct®.  Knowledge Direct is a unified platform for learning management that associations use for live, blended, and on-demand education.  Knowledge Direct integrates with the most popular  association management systems including iMIS, Personify, netForum, Association Anywhere, Yourmembership, and NOAH. Associations that provide continuing education use Knowledge Direct because it meets accrediting agency standards for delivering CE online.

Top benefits include:

·         Accessibility and tracking standards through WCAG 2.0 compliance, SCORM, and Tin Can API

·         Mobile-first user interface for fully mobile responsive user experience across devices

·         Flexible Feature Configuration and Customization

·         Social Learning Community including live chat, learning event streaming, and learner performance reports

·         Advanced Technology Made Easy including intuitive and powerful course creation, live push notifications, competency engine, and easy to use Asset Management Library

Digitec Interactive also provides custom learning experiences, including eLearning, gamification, and simulation. Take the first step to deliver transformative learning experiences. Contact Digitec Interactive today to schedule a demo. http://www.kdplatform.com or give us a call 1.800.942.4537

Knowledge Direct is a learning management platform that combines advanced technology with ease-of use, helping associations to develop rich, customized and social learning experiences that are accessible to anybody, anywhere.

The quick-to-deploy Knowledge Direct goes beyond the typical LMS, enabling users to create, maintain, administer and market superior online education.

Increase Memberships and Revenue

Membership education provides non-dues revenue and a valuable member benefit. Digitec Interactive specializes in association learning, partnering with education departments to create learning experiences that engage users, attract new members and increase revenue.

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“The Knowledge Direct LMS product was a perfect fit for us at Emergency Nurses Association. It required no modification to the process except for connectivity with our AMS. Knowledge Direct staff were great to work with, making our overall interaction with staff and the product excellent. Highly recommend.”

Tom Daily-Emergency Nurses Association 

Digitec Interactive

 •  February 22

Have you ever seen an eLearning course or demo that seemed to know what you were doing? Maybe you entered your name on the first screen and saw it displayed in the course. Perhaps you made a decision early on and a character in a scenario remembered it later. Or maybe the course recommended follow up resources based on the concepts you had trouble...

Digitec Interactive

 •  February 15

There are lots of eLearning authoring tools out there. And you probably don’t have the money or time to work with all of them. Here’s a quick look at the most popular eLearning authoring tool types. See which one, or ones, might be a good fit for your organization. eLearning Authoring Tool: PowerPoint Use if: You don’t have access to anything...

Digitec Interactive

 •  January 25

Launching a new training program is a lot like launching a new product or service at your organization. Your marketing team knows that promotion begins well before a product or service launches. Building buzz gets people talking about the product. Likewise, you can get your employees talking about your training. You can build excitement and buzz,...

Digitec Interactive

 •  January 11

You’re working on a new project. There isn’t a lot of time left and you need answers to your questions soon. So, you type up an email and send it to the SME. Two days go by and you don’t get a reply. On the third day, you send another email asking for help. The SME emails you back saying, “I thought that list was just an FYI. I didn’t realize you...

Digitec Interactive

 •  January 4

I was in Girl Scouts when I was younger. And I have clear memories of the merit badge book. Each badge required me to do something different to earn it. Looking back, that book offered a lot of choices. I could pick which badge I wanted to work on and choose the activities that sounded best to me. Then I remembered that many organizations don’t...

Digitec Interactive

 •  December 28, 2017

What a year it’s been! At Digitec Interactive we’ve been busy forming new partnerships, enhancing our technology, creating new solutions, and winning awards. We’re excited to see what the new year will bring. What new technologies will emerge in eLearning? Will new trends will be important to association leaders? How can we make our products and...

Digitec Interactive

 •  December 21, 2017

Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines “interactive” as, “involving the actions or input of a user.” When you stop to think about it, that’s not very clear. So, is eLearning with nothing but a next button interactive? The learner clicks something. Is a choose your own adventure book interactive? The reader picks which page to turn to. Let’s...

Digitec Interactive

 •  December 17, 2017

Every year around this time, we discuss the eLearning trends for the next year. What’s hot? What’s not? What are we all going to be talking about next year? These are the eLearning trends for 2018. VR/AR While VR and AR have been talked about in recent years, we think the excitement will grow. As costs have come down, and the technology has...

Digitec Interactive

 •  December 7, 2017

A subject matter expert (SME) gives you hundreds of pages on a subject you know nothing about. So, how do you handle such a daunting task? Well, there are a few methods you can add to your design routine to aid you in creating an optimal course. First, you need to learn about the course material. Learning About the Course Material Read up about...

Digitec Interactive

 •  November 30, 2017

Once upon a time, we subjected you to “the worst eLearning course ever.” That monstrosity was an evil chimera of Digitec’s combined worst nightmares and most obnoxious memories. This time you’re in for something a little narrower. My personal eLearning pet peeves. Let’s take a look at the top offenders. In no particular order: Locked Navigation...