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New Target Inc
Company Description:

New Target is a dynamic digital strategy, web design, web development, data integration, hosting, and marketing firm comprised of experienced web professionals, each dedicated to providing the highest quality service. Our mission is to provide superior online solutions with exceptional customer service. Our team works closely with each client to define their online objectives and achieve them by using proven web technologies and strategies. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence in delivering quality technical, creative, and marketing solutions.


Core Services


Digital Strategy

A strong digital strategy defines the objectives to reach your organization’s goals. Each one of our engagements starts with asking targeted questions and closely analyzing the responses. As the project progresses, we continue researching and optimizing through audits, focus groups, surveys, and testing, until an achievable strategy is defined.                     


Interactive Design

Our creative team delivers high-impact, intuitive web designs that promote your brand and bring to life the unique personalities, mission, or services your organization has to offer. By combining sophisticated interactive web design techniques and relevant content, we will create an online experience for you that captures the attention of first-time and repeat visitors.


Web Development

Our in-house web application development team is passionate about using the right mix of open source, off-the-shelf, and remotely hosted solutions. Through in-depth discussions and an agile iterative development process, we come to know your online web communication and operating needs and then architect, develop, and integrate the right technology solutions to meet them.


Data Integration

We understand that you may have multiple systems that need to speak to each other in order to provide the best user experience. That’s why we work collaboratively with multiple systems and their creators. Through web services, or APIs, our web application developers integrate your disparate specialty web applications to the fullest extent possible.


Application Hosting

A website is a long-term commitment of time and resources, so our services extend well beyond design and development. New Target offers stability and convenience by providing web hosting services. We operate bare metal servers and cloud architectures in two state-of-the-art data centers in the greater Washington, D.C. metro area.


Online Marketing

While a beautifully designed and user-friendly online experience is a good starting point, a website alone does not ensure success in today’s web-saturated world. From search engine optimization to social media marketing, we develop client-specific online marketing approaches that leverage innovation, sophistication, and a thorough understanding of web marketing principles.


Digital Strategy

• Website and Code Audits

• User Experience Design

• Constituent Surveys and Focus Groups

• Omnichannel Publishing Strategy Creation


Interactive Design

• Web Design

• Interaction Design

• Videography and Production

• Usability and Accessibility Testing

• Copywriting and Editing


Web Development

• Content Management Systems:

- Drupal

- WordPress

- Joomla

• Systems Integration

• eCommerce

• Responsive Web Design

• Adaptive Web Design




• Contingent Search

• Staff Augmentation


Application Hosting

• Shared, Dedicated and Fully Managed; and Colocation

• 24/7 Support

• Tier III Data Centers in Ashburn, Virginia

• PCI Compliance Ready

• NIST Compliance Ready

• FISMA Compliance Ready

• Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP


Data Integration

• CRM-CMS Integration

• Data Modeling and Warehousing

• Web Services and APIs

• Reporting and Analysis

• AMS-CMS Integration


Online Marketing

• Search Engine Marketing

• Search Engine Optimization

• Social Media

• Behavioral Marketing

• Omnichannel Publishing Execution

New Target Inc

 •  September 12, 2016

Please contact us if you are interested in working with an exceptional web firm on a full service or niche web project. Located near Washington, DC, in Alexandria, VA, New Target provides digital strategy, web design, web development, data integration, application hosting, and online search engine marketing for prominent national associations,...

New Target Inc

 •  September 2, 2016

When talk turns to design, we at New Target think about it at a level that transcends how most people regard traditional design. When a website is being built, people might think that design begins when ideas are being discussed with the graphic designer and it ends when development begins. Conversely, many people also believe that web developers...

New Target Inc

 •  August 19, 2016

There are a lot of things to like about Laravel, first and foremost being that it’s not only easy to use, but it’s also easy to learn. In deciding which framework to use Laravel first strikes you as being understandable and clear. Like any framework, Laravel requires that you buy into its way of thinking and get on board with its standards, or...

New Target Inc

 •  August 1, 2016

An API is an interface that allows one program to interact with another. It is a set of commands that a program or software application provide that, when submitted to that application, instruct it to do something or alter the way it does something. The important thing to remember is that these aren’t commands in the sense of mouse clicks or typed...

New Target Inc

 •  July 21, 2016

If your organization has worked with an agile web development methodology, then they are used to seeing the benefits of organized teamwork, faster turnarounds, and checkpoints and changes through the web software development lifecycle. This way of working can help your team make the transition to DevOps, which resides at the intersection of...

New Target Inc

 •  July 5, 2016

Register to attend DC's premier Drupal conference. Drupal GovCon 2016 is one of the largest Drupal development conferences on the East coast. This annual web development conference is sponsored by premier Drupal development agencies like New Target Inc., and offers learning opportunities for beginner and advanced developers, project managers, and...

New Target Inc

 •  June 27, 2016

Depending on what your role is in website design and development, you might see Drupal as a solid content management system (CMS) that has some enhanced functionality. Or, you may see it for what it really is—a web development platform. Having marked its 15th anniversary earlier in the year, Drupal started out as a wireless bridge, or LAN, between...

New Target Inc

 •  June 15, 2016

6 UI Web Design Trends Responsive: Given the growth of mobile, responsive web design puts users first and is now considered to be an industry best practice. Responsive web design can be thought of as reactive in that the images and content adjust to a variety of screen sizes while still retaining their intended appearance. The user experience...

New Target Inc

 •  June 2, 2016

Getting from Here to There The journey from collecting data to clearing a path to successful conversion can be a challenging one. But, careful and continued monitoring of users’ actions can provide some valuable insight. In addition to providing information on customers’ behaviors, data analysis can also show you where they dropped off on their...

New Target Inc

 •  May 20, 2016

Data integration is a framework that retrieves data from various systems and pulls it into a central hub for the purpose, in most cases, of building a comprehensive and historical view of your clients or members. The ultimate goal of data integration varies by organization and can be overarching, such as increasing membership through various...