Hubb, Inc.

Hubb, Inc.

The power of connected content

Whether you need to share it, your speakers or attendees need to see it, or the world needs to see it, we can pretty much help you manage all of it. Hubb provides a one-stop portal for all interested parties that allows them to easily access and provide information when it's needed. The platform eliminates the spreadsheet-to-email ping pong between planners and their speakers and attendees by creating a single place to submit, review, approve and publish conference session content such as call for papers, abstract submission and grading and automated website updates in real-time.

Speaker & Session Management

With an intuitive dashboard on your screen and automatic reminders with task management at your fingertips, you can stay informed and in control. Hubb empowers speakers to submit their profiles and credentials, upload their session content, and collaborate on the details with session owners, online and in record time. Create session tracks, assign rooms and time slots, and publish the key details to all of your marketing sources instantly.

Call for Papers

  • Customized call for papers form & questions

Abstract Grading

  • Unlimited graders

  • Segment reviewers & assign by group

  • Custom scorecards

  • Customizable dashboard

  • Task & email management

Speaker Management

  • Customizable dashboard

  • Update speaker profiles, photos and social media

  • Invite speaker assistants to edit

  • Edit session information & learning objectives

  • Task management with email notifications

Session Management

  • Upload and import sessions

  • Unlimited session types

  • Custom permissions & questions

  • Create tasks & workflows

  • Update dashboards real time

Website Marketing Tools

  • Webpage or iframe of your sessions, speakers and sponsors/exhibitors

  • Filterable content allows your audience to find the content that convinces them to register

  • Analytics

  • Free open APIs & support

Hubb, Inc.

 •  September 14

We're excited to bring you a guest post from Expo Logic, a provider of innovative event management solutions worldwide. They've shared some creative ideas for finding great speakers. 66% of conference attendees make the decision to attend only after learning about your session content and speakers, so finding great speakers is vital! Read on for...

Hubb, Inc.

 •  September 14

We all know how to use the event hashtag but are you truly using social media to its full extent for your event marketing purposes? In this session with Social Tables’ Laura Lopez, she’ll walk you through social media best practices that you’ll want to use for each and every event you host. In this webinar, you'll learn: How to target the right...

Hubb, Inc.

 •  September 6

Corporate conferences present opportunities and challenges in equal measures. Deltek’s annual user conference, Insight, is their chance to have the face-to-face engagement that results in new and expanded business. But the 3,000-plus person conference required specialized tools to manage in a reasonable amount of time. “It’s a very large event...

Hubb, Inc.

 •  August 15

We're excited to bring you a guest post from Expo Logic, a provider of innovative event management solutions worldwide. They've created an helpful guide to identifying your different types of attendees, and then using that knowledge to create better events and to improve your event marketing. One size fits all may work for hats, but it won’t work...

Hubb, Inc.

 •  August 9

Sometimes, getting the answer to a difficult question requires a journey, or deep searching. This is not one of those times. This August 30th, we're hosting an easy way to get the answers to those challening questions. Join us for very special webinar featuring Hubb founder Allie Magyar answering questions from events and technology industry...

Hubb, Inc.

 •  August 7

You can drone on about drones and you know virtually everything about virtual reality. But what are the next event tech trends on the horizon to know about so you can stay ahead of the curve? Here are four exciting trends bubbling up at conferences. Attendee Engagement Courtesy of Event Tech We all pay lip service to engagement; it's the key to...

Hubb, Inc.

 •  July 31

If event managers are the unsung heroes of any organization (and they are), event managers at associations are super heroes. Not only do you share the crazy work load of managing events but you’re likely wearing multiple hats, dealing with constrained budgets and limited staff. And yet association conferences are consistently some of the most...

Hubb, Inc.

 •  July 13

User Conferences are powerful tools for corporations. If you're thinking about holding one, here are some of the benefits you can expect, as well as advice on what types of organizations are best suited for hosting a user confernence. Benefits of a User Conference If you’re considering holding a user conference, you might be asking yourself “what...

Hubb, Inc.

 •  July 12

If you're looking to build raving, loyal fans for your brand, there's no better way than hosting a user conference. But be careful! A user conference can be a lot of work. If you don’t do it right, be prepared for a ton of stress and lots sleepless nights. We've been there and we can help. As event managers, we've been planning user conferences...

Hubb, Inc.

 •  July 10

We've partnered with the indespensible Event Manager Blog to produce a video on speaker management, hosted by one of our 12 Essential #eventprofs to Follow on Twitter, Julius Solaris. You can watch Julius share his super helpful tips in the embeded video, below. Want more on speaker management? Get our Speaker Management Best Practices Whitepaper...