Hubb, Inc.

Hubb, Inc.

The power of connected content

Whether you need to share it, your speakers or attendees need to see it, or the world needs to see it, we can pretty much help you manage all of it. Hubb provides a one-stop portal for all interested parties that allows them to easily access and provide information when it's needed. The platform eliminates the spreadsheet-to-email ping pong between planners and their speakers and attendees by creating a single place to submit, review, approve and publish conference session content such as call for papers, abstract submission and grading and automated website updates in real-time.

Speaker & Session Management

With an intuitive dashboard on your screen and automatic reminders with task management at your fingertips, you can stay informed and in control. Hubb empowers speakers to submit their profiles and credentials, upload their session content, and collaborate on the details with session owners, online and in record time. Create session tracks, assign rooms and time slots, and publish the key details to all of your marketing sources instantly.

Call for Papers

  • Customized call for papers form & questions

Abstract Grading

  • Unlimited graders

  • Segment reviewers & assign by group

  • Custom scorecards

  • Customizable dashboard

  • Task & email management

Speaker Management

  • Customizable dashboard

  • Update speaker profiles, photos and social media

  • Invite speaker assistants to edit

  • Edit session information & learning objectives

  • Task management with email notifications

Session Management

  • Upload and import sessions

  • Unlimited session types

  • Custom permissions & questions

  • Create tasks & workflows

  • Update dashboards real time

Website Marketing Tools

  • Webpage or iframe of your sessions, speakers and sponsors/exhibitors

  • Filterable content allows your audience to find the content that convinces them to register

  • Analytics

  • Free open APIs & support

Hubb, Inc.

 •  January 4

As event professionals, two things are often true for us: we work with a lot of teams and we often underestimate how much influence we have in setting a positive culture within those teams. This power to influence culture extends beyond our own event management teams to all the far-flung teams it takes to produce an event. In this episode of Allie...

Hubb, Inc.

 •  December 21, 2017

2017: what a year for The Hubb Blog! This is our 100 post. That’s right, we’re keeping it 100 on The Hubb Blog! Here are some of our favorite posts from every month of this year. Enjoy! January Time Saving Event Tech Trends That Will Help Conference Planners in 2017 Speaker Management Best Practices: Collaboration, Not Confrontation Email...

Hubb, Inc.

 •  December 11, 2017

I was recently at an event where several senior meeting planners were being honored. As each planner was called up to the stage, their name and certifications were flashed on the screen. I was struck by several things. First, the divide between the planners who had certifications and those who did not, and second, the sheer volume of...

Hubb, Inc.

 •  December 4, 2017

Once again—no surprise—event manager was named the 5th most stressful job in America. And, if you're using spreadsheets and emails, or other outdated technologies to manage your conferences, you undoubtedly know why. But if you're one of the growing number of event professionals using event content management tools, you know a different...

Hubb, Inc.

 •  November 20, 2017

If you don't have a plan for its usage, your data is as good as useless. This emphasis on action is something we often miss! The refrain of "data data data" is so ingrained in us that we try to collect as much as possible, often without a clear plan for what we want to do with it. By the time our event is over, the last thing we want to do is dive...

Hubb, Inc.

 •  November 17, 2017

Know your event content? Skip the introduction and download Hubb's new Guide to Advanced Content Strategy now! Not long ago, in a galaxy not too far away, Event Planner was a much different role. We were administrative staff charged with coordinating logistics—order the food, book the venue, send the invites. But our roles have evolved. The impact...

Hubb, Inc.

 •  November 7, 2017

Not too long ago, Event Planner was a much different role. We were admin staff charged with coordinating—order the food, book the venue, send the invites. Boy, have times changed! Now we're influential members of high-powered marketing teams and one of the main reasons why this has happened is event managers have learned to better harness the...

Hubb, Inc.

 •  October 25, 2017

Let's talk about keeping conferences within budget and—don't laugh! It can be done. Yes, it's seriously difficult to bring a conference in on budget. But there is a silver lining: the reasons why conferences go over budget are predictable and common. Which means you can plan for them. Having planned events for nearly two decades, I’ve accumulated...

Hubb, Inc.

 •  October 10, 2017

How well do you know your attendees? Do you know how many attendees are hearing impaired or have mobility requirements? How about how many have specialized learning needs? What percentage are introverts vs. extroverts and how many are gluten intolerant? Our audiences are diverse, often in ways we never realize. Only by actively seeking to...

Hubb, Inc.

 •  October 4, 2017

We're excited to bring you a guest post from Expo Logic, a provider of innovative event management solutions worldwide. They've shared important metrics for tracking event success; always an important topic! Read on for their great advice. Measuring event success is an important step which shouldn't be overlooked. Measuring success ensures you’re...