Smart HR Inc

Company Description:

Smart HR was founded in 2001 and currently provides Human Resources Outsourcing and Consulting services to over 85 clients in the Washington, DC metro area. Our core services include: 

- HR Outsourcing 

- HR Audits 

- HR Set-up & Intrastructure 

- Management Training Programs 

- Employee Training Programs (Harassment Prevention, Ethics, Customer Service, etc.) 

- Meeting Facilitation Services 

- HR Projects 

- Interim HR Support 

Our HR Outsourcing program provides an experienced, high-level Smart HR Consultant to each client that becomes "your" HR Director. Smart HR Consultants work as an extension of your team and provide support both onsite and remotely. Most HR Outsourcing clients have been utilizing Smart HR to manage their entire HR function for many years and they tell us it is a great value because they receive superb HR support and business advice at a cost that is much lower than hiring an in-house HR team. Also, Smart HR can serve your interim HR needs when you have an HR void due to maternity leave or turnover. 

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Smart HR Inc

 •  October 17, 2017

An engaged employee is not only a productive employee, they’re a happy employee – and because we’re currently experiencing the largest talent gap since 2007, employee retention is more important than ever. So, how do you know who’s happy and who’s not, and, most importantly, what you can do to improve your current environment? A smart, simple way...

Smart HR Inc

 •  June 28, 2017

Feedback – both receiving and giving it – is an essential part of the role of leader, regardless of seniority or sector. If an employee (or worse, a leader) is unable to accept feedback, they will be unable to grow and develop. And if a manager is unable to give feedback, they can’t expect their employees to improve either. That’s why creating a...

Smart HR Inc

 •  May 8, 2017

Highlights of March 16, 2017 Executive Dinner Forum By Mark Stevenson, Founder/CEO of Smart HR, and Jack McGuinness, Managing Partner of Relationship Impact A few weeks ago, we hosted an executive dinner forum where 15 DC Metro C-Suite executives discussed the challenges and advantages of managing Millennials. We chose this important topic because...

Smart HR Inc

 •  January 20, 2017

You need top-notch talent to accomplish the most important goals for your business. But recruiting can be time-consuming, tedious, and take you away from running your business. That’s where Smart HR comes in. With services to fit whatever recruiting needs your business faces, Smart HR can help ease the stress of hiring great talent. Meet Lori...

Smart HR Inc

 •  December 9, 2016

Identifying and hiring great talent is more important than ever. According to ManpowerGroup’s latest Talent Shortage Survey, employers are facing the worst talent shortage since the Great Recession, with 40% of those surveyed reporting hiring difficulties. That’s why Smart HR has expanded our services to include three recruiting offerings to meet...

Smart HR Inc

 •  October 5, 2016

The changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) are imminent – and it will affect businesses large and small. The deadline for complying with the new overtime rules is fast approaching, leaving many business owners with questions. So what’s going to change and when? Here’s what you need to know:
What are the actual changes and when do they...