Company Description:

I4A - AMS is cloud-based, licensed software as a service. All that is required is an internet connection. The licensing includes software support and upgrades. Since it's a hosted solution we take care of hardware, PCI compliance (for e-commerce), backups, maintenance and security.

It is a database and  content management solution combined and the two components are integrated. This permits you to restrict content to your membership or any group or subdivision of your membership.  Not only do you manage your content and navigation, but unlike nearly all other software the "design" or "theme" whichever you prefer to call it, can also be fully administered through the web admin interface. This allows you to select the designer of your choice for either the best price or best design.  You can also have multiple designs within a single instance of the software, even micro-sites; multiple web addresses and navigation for special interest groups within your organization.

It includes a user interface for iPhones, Android phones and iPads; no need for a separate "app".

The Contact Management includes: applications, renewals, meeting registrations, membership profile editing, miscellaneous forms and member directories.  It supports GROUPS for content, registrations, discussion forums, calendar entries and the like.  It also includes an image library, resource directory, calendar and certifications management.  Pretty much all that you interact with your membership through the web site.  There are also add-on features for: career center, buyerÕs guide, discussion forums, abstract submissions, on-line store, on-line journals, classified ads, banner ads and more.

The e-commerce features connect with your existing merchant account and includes the capability for members and contacts to save a card on file (we donÕt store the actual card information) and for you to, at their election, automatically charge their accounts for dues renewals. 

The software has an export utility for Quickbooks

Also included is broadcast email.

The license begins at $99/month/administrative seat for clients needing only one or two seats.  As the number of seats you require increases the price per seat declines.  Five seats is $2,935 a year.  Additional blocks of 5 seats are only $425/year for each block of five seats.  This is based upon the number of administrative seats you require, NOT your total administrative staff.   We do not charge based upon the size of your website, number of members or contacts in your database or for our API. There is a one-time installation fee of $1,500.00

Installation is very straightforward. We provide you with a development web site so at no time is your existing site impacted.  We also provide a project manager to assist you throughout the entire process, an 800 number, tech support website, and 4 hours of on-line training.  There is no limit to the project manager's time. 

I4A has been providing associations with internet solutions for over 20 years.  We were one of the first, if not the first, cloud based SAAS provider of association management software.

Our philosophy is to provide a quality product at a good price.  Our focus is to enhance our software, work closely with our clients and grow the business organically. 

I4A-AMS is SMART, AFFORDABLE and a SOLUTION.  We mean that sincerely.  And when our clients need us we will be there.