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Company Description:

Dever Designs is an award-winning graphic design studio which specializes in serving associations, non-profits, and institutions. Our mission is to be your communication advisor and provide superior service while creating great work to improve your ROI. We have earned over 600 design awards in our 30+ year history.

We value each client and pride ourselves in establishing long-term working relationships through exceptional client service and collaboration. Clients appreciate how we lead projects and that they gain the benefits of a consistent, powerful presentation of their brand. Our process is designed to make each project a success, making proactive recommendations that improve results. Working directly with your designer/project manager, you will have the opportunity to give feedback and valuable input at key stages throughout the creative process.

Dever Designs' services include:

  • Brand Strategy/Identity/Logos

  • Conference/Annual Meeting Branding

  • Membership Campaigns

  • Magazines

  • Annual Reports

  • Publications

  • Media Kits

  • Exhibits/Displays

  • Web Design

Great design lives and breathes at the focal point of art and communication. It is the result of careful listening, creative problem-solving and artistic execution. Our passion is creative graphic design that tells your story and illuminates your brand. Design that will work hard for you and your organization. From publication design to brand development, annual reports to exhibits, we're focused on your success through creative solutions that illuminate your brand.

Dever Designs was founded in 1985 as a multi-disciplinary design group in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC. Our award winning design and penchant for exceptional client service have attracted and secured a loyal and vested clientele. How can Dever Designs serve you?

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The "National Magazine Award" winning publication is a recognized leader in the field of psychotherapy. Cited as one of the "50 Best" magazines in America by the Chicago Tribune, they are a respected voice in their field. Dever Designs is proud to partner with the Networker, and has guided the editors through two major redesigns in the past twenty years. Our team also collaborates with the editors on the magazine's ongoing design and production. Our most recent iteration was adapted specifically to be compatible with their ever-evolving digital footprint. We also work with them to expand their brand across their various online offerings and annual symposium.

Dever Designs

 •  September 21, 2017

In recent months, we have noticed a trend in RFPs that warrants some consideration. These calls for proposals, detailing how a vendor would approach and perform a certain job, increasingly are requiring applicants to practice in the exact field as that of the prospective client. On the surface, this makes sense; if I ding the fender of my car and...

Dever Designs

 •  May 16, 2017

Over our past 30+ year history Dever Designs has been called to the rescue numerous times—hired by a diverse range of clients to resolve design problems where others had failed. From logo development and brand standards, to magazine designs and exhibits, we’ve successfully saved projects for numerous clients. The primary reason we were successful...

Dever Designs

 •  March 1, 2017

When you’re hosting a conference, you want to make an impact on your community of attendees and members. You focus on making your workshops educational and helpful. You pull out all the stops to book keynote speakers who draw crowds and inspire. You look at both the big picture and the details when it comes to the content of your conference, but...

Dever Designs

 •  February 2, 2017

Maybe you’re facing an exhibit challenge and are wondering where to begin. Whether you’re responsible for managing a multi-component exhibit space or a single booth, this white paper includes a few hard-won insights to get you started. • Project Management & Logistics
• Setting Schedules and Benchmarks
• Tips for Managing Expectations

Dever Designs

 •  January 5, 2017

Blame it on the stock market. According to Investopedia, legislation enacted after the 1929 stock market crash was the genesis of the annual report. What began as a staid vehicle for reporting corporate operations and overall fiscal health to shareholders has evolved; in the right hands, an otherwise dry annual report can become a sophisticated,...

Dever Designs

 •  December 9, 2016

Ten feet might not sound like much space…until you find out that you have to put together a 10 x 10 foot trade show exhibit for your nonprofit organization this fall. Suddenly, 10 feet seems like the length of a football field. As daunting as it might seem to be tasked with organizing and running your organization’s exhibit, an experienced design...

Dever Designs

 •  December 9, 2016

Two to four seconds. That’s about all the time you have to capture someone’s attention with your online or direct mail promotion. That means before anyone even reads this sentence, they have already made a decision on whether or not to engage with your content. With that in mind, we have compiled seven tips to help boost your marketing efforts....

Dever Designs

 •  December 5, 2016

As 2017 approaches and you begin to think about institutional goals and initiatives for the coming year, pay special attention to those large, looming projects on the not-so-distant horizon. In times of transition, shifting priorities may impact funding levels and sources. Allocating your organization’s resources wisely becomes more important than...