Survey and Ballot Systems, Inc.

Survey and Ballot Systems, Inc.
Company Description:

You run elections; we provide the resources, services and security to make those elections highly successful. Since 1990, Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) has worked with the world’s top associations, cooperatives, credit unions and member-based organizations to plan and manage their voting processes. Whether you need traditional paper balloting, online voting, onsite voting or a hybrid election, we have the expertise to make it happen. Let us be the independent third party to administer your election or provide you with the tools to run it yourself.

Product Offerings:

We offer a variety of products to meet organizations diverse election needs, which includes:

  • myDirectVote®

  • DirectVote®

  • DiretVotePlus ®

  • DirectVoteCentral™

  • DirectNominations®

myDirectVote: A self-administered, easy-to-use online election solution. Securely hosted in the cloud, SBS has designed myDirectVote to allow organizations to easily build their own customized electronic elections in a protected online environment.

DirectVote:  A third-party managed online voting system that uses one voting platform that’s custom built according to an organization’s requirements.

DirectVotePlus: A third-party managed online voting system that’s custom built to an organization’s requirements that allows multiple voting platforms to be used during the election process.

DirectVoteCentral: An election solution that allows for the creation, control and administration of elections across an organization on one central platform. Organizations are able to link their national election with regional, chapter, unit or subgroup voting through a universal ballot page and easy-to-use online election tool.

DirectNominations: Brings the process to the web, which increases the speed and efficiency of obtaining nominations, while reducing staff time and postage costs. Candidates self-register through a secure platform, allowing them to complete their nomination information on their own schedule. Administrators are also able to quickly and effortlessly undestand where each candidate is in the nomination process.

Voting Platforms:

We support a variety of voting platforms that includes paper ballots, phone, onsite, web, and hybrid.

Survey and Ballot Systems, Inc.

 •  December 6, 2016

As every member organization knows, when you have members, you’ve got data — who members are, where they live, how long they’ve been with the organization and much more. All that data is a gold mine, so how is your organization harnessing it and using it to your benefit? Identify gaps
Members across most of the area you cover respond to your...

Survey and Ballot Systems, Inc.

 •  November 17, 2016

Your organization has done a great job explaining to members why it’s important to vote: It gives them a voice in the mission and operations of the organization, voting ensures the organization operates at its best, fullest capacity, voting is your democratic duty, etc. But your voting numbers just aren’t increasing the way you’d like them to....

Survey and Ballot Systems, Inc.

 •  October 26, 2016

One of the core functions of any member organization is to grow membership. But equally important is effectively engaging your members so the organization itself grows, evolves and remains healthy and relevant. It’s easy enough to say, but how do you go about building engagement with your members? Define engagement Engagement can mean different...

Survey and Ballot Systems, Inc.

 •  October 12, 2016

A cooperative is defined as, “A jointly owned enterprise engaging in the production or distribution of goods or the supplying of services, operated by its members for their mutual benefit.” One of the vital elements of a co-op is a vibrant, diverse and engaged board of directors. Although more and more board members are retiring or moving on, some...

Survey and Ballot Systems, Inc.

 •  October 6, 2016

For immediate release: Eden Prairie, Minnesota- October 6, 2016- As clients’ nomination requirements have changed we noticed the original features of the DirectNominations® application weren’t always able to meet users’ needs. Over the years clients also explained how additional features would help in their nomination process. We took to heart the...