Company Description:

Brightfind is a specialized digital design and web development agency. We implement and support Ektron, Episerver, and Sitecore content management systems and create outstanding digital experiences for organizations with deep, complex content.

Every experience we create is designed to address unique audiences, achieve specific goals, and engage visitors through personalization. Our clients enjoy the freedom of informed decision making.


We have 5 certified Episerver developers and offer award winning design, development, and UX services on the Episerver and Ektron content management systems. Prior to the merger, Brightfind was an Ektron Elite partner and Association Partner of the Year.

With Episerver, Brightfind designs every web experience to address the specific needs of each unique audience that our clients serve. We enable our clients to achieve specific goals, and engage visitors through individualized content and calls to action.


We offer a full range of design, development, and UX services on the Sitecore Digital Experience Platform. With Sitecore, Brightfind designs every web experience to address the specific needs of each unique audience that our clients serve.

Higher Logic

Brightfind has designed more Higher Logic websites than any other web agency. We are committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction, and are proud of being the first to integrate advanced content management systems with the Higher Logic community platform. We collaborate successfully with Higher Logic to create award winning digital design, web strategy, information architecture, and usability services.


 •  December 6, 2017

In honor of World Usability Day, Brightfind teamed up with Discovery Education to hold the World Usability Summit. While my UX colleague Nina Amato and I were honored to present, I must admit, we were nervous to speak after Discovery Education and before Nielsen Norman. Being nestled in-between two huge names in the usability field is...


 •  April 14, 2017

When it comes to writing RFPs, there is a process I follow: Stare at a blank Word document. Google how to write an RFP. Click on a shoe ad. Click back to the RFP search. Walk to get coffee. While not the most efficient, there are two things right with my process. Not recreating the wheel. Caffeine. Brightfind has created a three-part blog series...


 •  April 7, 2017
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Before issuing an RFP for a new CMS and web design, it’s important to ask yourself these 5 questions. After quizzing yourself, it is time to get to know potential vendors. Ask about their company, processes, and relationships before making a commitment. Their answers will enable you to choose wisely.
1. Who are you? This one sounds pretty basic....


 •  January 20, 2017

The team at AIIM International recently re-designed their website and lived to tell about it. President/CEO Peggy Winton shared what they learned through-out the process in hopes of helping others who are about to begin (or who are putting it off). Her blog was originally posted on LinkedIn and she was kind enough to let Brightfind share it with...


 •  January 13, 2017

We took a look at Brightfind’s highly viewed blogs, heavily attended events, and most downloaded resources, to compile a round-up of the topics that most interested you in 2016.
Migrating from Ektron to Episerver In 2016 you became curious about what the migration from Ektron to Episerver would look like for your organization. One of our most...


 •  November 30, 2016

Brightfind is pleased to announce Al Osifade has joined the Brightfind team as the Manager, .NET Development. Al brings with him great experience in software project management, requirement analysis and technical leadership. He has worked in the association industry since 2004. In his new role, Al will be responsible for managing Brightfind’s .NET...


 •  November 18, 2016

Last week professionals gathered for the inaugural Brightfind World Usability Day. This half-day summit gave attendees the opportunity to concentrate on providing their constituents with usable and accessible websites.
Quantitative Meets Qualitative The event kicked off strong when Nichole Carelock, Manager User Insights, PenFed Credit Union,...


 •  October 26, 2016

Over the last couple of years, and as Brightfind continues to acquire new client partners, I’ve been seeing a trend related to the types of requests that fill my queue. So, what is this “trend” you ask?
The requests themselves are usually comprised of some sort of initial Google Analytics evaluation that Brightfind needs to provide...


 •  October 19, 2016

The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) is an organization of more than 15,000 professionals from around the world dedicated to serving students as they make choices about pursuing postsecondary education. Brightfind and NACAC are in the midst of a website redesign for Part of this project...