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MCI Group
Company Description:

MCI is a global leader in engaging and activating audiences. Since 1987 we have been driving innovation in meetings, incentives, conferences, and association and community management. Through our creative, consulting, analytics, sustainability and digital services, MCI helps multinational companies and international associations enhance their organizational performance, grow globally, energise communities and drive their business results. 

An independent, privately held company with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland we have offices in 32 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, India, the Middle East and Africa and deliver projects for clients all over the world.

AMC – Association Management Companies
With 60 offices in 30 countries and 1800 employees, MCI Group is a globally integrated association management/consulting, communication and meetings company.  For 30 years, we have helped U.S.-based associations grow globally by building their market presence and improving their business capacity to deliver locally relevant membership, product, and service experiences.

Consultants – International
As a neutral partner to your leadership team, MCI’s global and regional business analysts can assist you gather market intelligence to identify and prioritize opportunities, define the local relevance of your brand, products and services from members, customers and prospects, and create business plans to optimize your go-to-market strategy.

Consultants – Strategic & Business Planning/Development
With 60 offices in 30 countries, MCI Group helps U.S.-based associations develop global and regional strategies to open new or expand existing markets. With a unique experience and expertise MCI will gather and interpret market data, share customer insight, develop “real world” strategy and operational plans, to ensure relevant results.  

Nondues Revenue – Nondues Revenue
For any membership organization, raising non-dues revenue is essential to its financial stability. With 60 offices in 30 countries and more than 1,800 employees, MCI Group helps U.S.-based associations find creative ways to generate non-dues revenue through means of corporate sponsorships, webinars, live/virtual events, advertising, affinity partnerships and more.

Marketing – Direct Marketing Services
With 60 offices in 30 countries, MCI Group helps U.S.-based associations develop global and regional strategies to open new or expand existing markets that can fulfill their global aspirations. We build global brand awareness and member or customer engagement through integrated marketing, communication, business development and local customer service. 

Conventions/Events/Meetings – Meeting Management Services
MCI is the largest event management company in the world with 60 offices in 30 countries and 1.800 professionals. We organize over 4500 events annually and can help US-based associations with strategy, business modeling, sponsorships, attendance boosting, and logistics to achieve financial success.

Conventions/Events/Meetings – Meeting Planning Software
MCI is the largest event management company in the world with 60 offices in 30 countries. Our global online hotel and event registration portal allows full customization and multi-language flexibility. MCI’s cutting edge meeting planning software includes project management, sourcing, abstract management, invitation management, registration, delegate management, and event delivery.

MCI Group

 •  November 16

Is “better late than ever” even an option in event planning? While opinions may vary, the truth is that timing is a key factor that contributes to an event’s success. In terms of choosing the right moment for employing the selected marketing & communication strategies, or when planning ahead to structure your tasks and activities more efficiently,...

MCI Group

 •  November 15

It has been evident throughout 2017 that disruptive event technologies are the main factors that attribute to event management from A to Z as well as higher audience engagement rates. In the same context, the past decade has seen the rise of social media use in the events sphere, while pioneering tech tools keep surfacing, leading to new...

MCI Group

 •  November 13

As an event professional, you have most probably noticed that even though the right speakers can drive remarkable event results in terms of attendance and audience engagement, it is sometimes useful to spice things up! In the quest of exploring different ways of grasping their attention, here’s why interactive workshops should be considered as an...

MCI Group

 •  November 9

Without a doubt, LinkedIn is today’s go-to social media platform to build a strong network of connections and promote your business. Exceeding 100 million active users worldwide, LinkedIn is still under-utilised as a promotion tool for our industry, placing other platforms like Instagram and Facebook in the lead. However, this premier social...

MCI Group

 •  November 6

Social media use is one of the core elements that should not be neglected by event planners, whether making an effort to garner awareness for an event, push online registration or engage audiences through attention-grabbing content. Social media practically serve the same cause as event planning as they are aiming at sparking interest and...

MCI Group

 •  October 25

Sponsors and exhibitors are investing a significant amount of time, money and effort on gaining more visibility at the events they attend, increase brand awareness and interact with their target audiences in a meaningful, mutually beneficial manner. While they are fully aware of what they want to achieve as a result and have made an action plan...

MCI Group

 •  October 19

Holding and managing international meetings & events can be intimidating. There are 196 countries around the world, and more than 6,500 different spoken languages, not to mention the various time zones, diverse cultural differences and a wide array of socioeconomic factors that attribute to the difficulties of delivering successful international...

MCI Group

 •  October 17

Event sponsorship is shaping the way event planners add a valuable revenue stream to their events and conferences. At the same time, event sponsors are seeking to maximise return on investment. Ensuring your sponsors and exhibitors are happy by making the most out of their sponsorship programmes, is a process that starts way before the actual day...

MCI Group

 •  October 11

Are you promoting and facilitating interaction among attendees throughout your event’s course? Boasting about your innovative and interactive event sessions is merely enough to ensure attendees are actively participating to them. And even though this is usually the main point of focus, what happens during the breakout sessions? The importance of...

MCI Group

 •  October 10

Today’s reality is anchored by continuous revelations in technology, which urge for their efficient pairing with the growing demand and the need for sustainable products and services. With this in mind, it is important to take a closer look at how these elements are constantly feeding one another, and how that applies to the events industry. What...