Chicago Law Partners LLC

Company Description:

Chicago Law Partners, LLC is a boutique law firm focused on representing professional societies, trade associations, foundations, charities and other not-forprofit organizations. CLP was founded by longtime partners and colleagues with a vested interest in taking client service to a higher level. At CLP, we believe that a boutique firm with a focused concentration provides our clients a more favorable setting for obtaining legal services than a large firm setting. Our focus permits us to be especially nimble and efficient in anticipating and responding to our clients’ needs.

With well over 100 collective years in practice, CLP’s attorneys are experienced in the full range of issues faced by our clients. Our attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of matters unique to not-for-profit organizations, including convention and general meeting planning; antitrust; bylaws, policies and corporate governance; tax and tax exemption; meetings, tradeshows, travel, hospitality and convention issues; intellectual property and trademark prosecution; meeting procedures; publishing; electronic communications; amicus briefs; standard-setting, certification and accreditation; disciplinary proceedings; for-profit subsidiaries; sponsorship liability; responding to third-party subpoenas; legislative and regulatory matters; public policy and lobbying; political action committees and FEC regulations;marketing campaigns; affinity agreements; royalty and licensing; insurance; and relations with chapters and affiliated organizations. In addition, we frequently assist our clients in relations with Congress, state governments, and regulatory agencies by, among other things, preparing, analyzing and presenting position papers, testimony and proposed legislation. Whatever the issue, we are prepared to offer the knowledgeable and pragmatic advice and guidance necessary to assist our clients with advancing their mission. 

Our clients see us as allies who care about their organizations and missions, and who provide the legal skill, proficiency and knowledge that they need − in a timely, efficient, and practical manner. We pride ourselves on being internal consensus builders and strong advocates for our clients. We have a well-deserved reputation for integrity and have earned the respect and trust not only of our clients, but also of the broader not-for-profit and business community.

We are exacting in our approach to clients' legal and business needs, yet approachable in our interactions with clients, colleagues and others. We are accessible and provide our clients with creative solutions, knowledgeable advice,and pragmatic guidance.