Association Laboratory

Association Laboratory
Company Description:

Association Laboratory helps associations design successful engagement and membership models. Since we began serving associations in 1999 the research has been clear. Customizing your membership and engagement model by benefits and price is essential to long term success.

Association Laboratory offers a cutting edge, data driven process that identifies the most successful combination of member benefits and price, thus maximizing membership acquisition, retention, and financial success. We answer two essential questions.

What benefits are most important to the decision to engage, join and retain membership?

Association Laboratory analyzes your membership audience to identify and prioritize member benefits. This analysis determines the mix of benefits that appeals to the widest possible audience, while at the same time minimizing the variety or number of options to be offered.

How should the most important member benefits be configured and priced to maximize engagement and membership acquisition and retention?

Association Laboratory uses sophisticated choice models to develop a simulator allowing for "what if" analysis. This simulator tests potential membership category scenarios before implementation so that the best configuration of benefits and price can be determined.

At the end of this process, your association has a validated model of the membership options preferred by key audiences and the price at which these membership options should be offered to maximize acquisition, retention, and financial outcomes.

Association Laboratory is a full service research company providing a full range of qualitative, quantitative and data analytics services customized to the needs of associations. You receive comprehensive insights from empirically-validated data using the most sophisticated research techniques in the industry to inform your decisions. Customized methodologies using leading techniques result in actionable data to inform your decisions.

You work with association executives and corporate researchers with decades of practical experience in association strategy and business to business (B2B) and consumer (B2C) research. Successful association and business leadership ensures you receive practical, actionable insights and ideas. Practical insights mean workable solutions for your association.

The company was founded in 1999 and is nationally recognized for its expertise and thought leadership in association research, strategic planning and business strategy. The company serve a client base of leading state, national, and global associations through offices in Chicago, IL and Washington, DC.


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